Born in Paris, France and raised in Maryland, Harlequin Hope is a world citizen and a creatively rounded, free spirit. After an award-winning career in graphic design, illustration, marketing and jewelry in New York City, Honolulu, Seattle, London and Maryland, she has graduated to the world of esoteric studies and performing arts. 

In 2015 she started ROGUERIES Jewelry the help of Patuxent Lapidary Guild and Grace Mieloji. She is currently inspiring love and spreading positive energy through her creations. 

Harley Hope is a hybrid crystal and indigo child with tetrachromacy abilities and synesthesia. All of these gifts and more have helped her see, breathe and believe in the healing power of gems. Design and illustration work, available online soon. Contact harlequinhope@gmail.com with any inquiries or collaboration ideas.


ROGUERIES feature a sustainable line of fine metal, precious gemstone and elemental rings, earrings and pendants which mirror humanity’s deepest secrets and help unlock sacred numbers. Each piece is handcrafted with the utmost care and attention to nature, energy and antiquity. Every gem may be used a tool of communication to express hidden meanings and to help discover one’s inner self. At ROGUERIES, we are dedicated to creating statement pieces with the least amount of impact to the planet. The materials used in our jewelry as well as our packaging is recycled and ethically sourced.